Campaign to legalize adult-use marijuana in Florida announces new ads featuring Morgan

(Orlando, FL) – Smart & Safe Florida received a key endorsement today, as legendary attorney John Morgan endorsed a YES vote on Amendment 3 on the November ballot, supporting legalized adult-use marijuana in the state of Florida.

Additionally, Smart & Safe Florida announced today three new campaign ads to air on radio, featuring Morgan. An Orlando-based attorney and founder of the law firm Morgan & Morgan, Morgan was the primary funder and leader of the successful movement to bring medical marijuana to Florida, and he is now advocating for safe-use marijuana to be legalized for all adult Floridians – a freedom more than half of Americans already enjoy.

“Finish” can be heard HERE.

“They Lied” can be heard HERE.

“Fight Real Crime” can be heard HERE.

“I am putting my name and my heart into passing Amendment 3 and believe now is the time to treat marijuana the same as we treat beer, wine and spirits,” said John Morgan. “Passing Amendment 3 will create tens of thousands of new jobs, generate hundreds of millions for our state each year and save taxpayers money by not having to pay to prosecute simple crimes for possession. I encourage Florida voters to join me in standing up for freedom, for common-sense laws, for the people and for Amendment 3.”

“There are few, if any, individuals more knowledgeable about responsible adult-use marijuana in Florida than John Morgan, and we are energized to have his support,” said Smart & Safe Florida spokesperson Morgan Hill. “John’s endorsement is monumental to this campaign, and we look forward to adding to our growing coalition between now and Election Day, showcasing the diverse array of viewpoints who agree that legalized, tested and safe adult-use marijuana is the best path forward for Florida.”

A yes vote on Amendment 3 will improve the health and safety of Floridians. Access to regulated adult-use marijuana would help prevent illicit cartel-trafficked marijuana from making its way into Florida. Without regulation, these products can be laced with dangerous materials including heavy metals, pesticides, glass, heroin, fentanyl and other illegal substances.

Smart & Safe Florida supports safe adult access to marijuana products while empowering the state legislature to enact comprehensive implementation regulations, spanning from cultivation to consumption, including preventing people from smoking in public.

John Morgan’s press conference can be viewed in full HERE.


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