Support across the political spectrum continues to surge in campaign to legalize adult use recreational marijuana

(Orlando, FL) – On Monday, the Libertarian Party of Florida endorsed a YES Vote on Amendment 3 on the November ballot, indicating their support for legalizing adult use recreational marijuana and extending the individual liberties of Floridians.

The Libertarian Party of Florida’s endorsement underscores the robust support for Amendment 3 across party lines, with 76% of Democrats, 71% of Independents and 57% of Republicans saying in a recent Fox News Poll that they support legalization of recreational adult use marijuana. In total, 66% of registered voters polled said they support passing Amendment 3.

“The Libertarian Party of Florida is pleased to endorse Amendment 3, which marks a significant step forward in the legalization of marijuana,” said Matthew Johnson, Vice Chair & Communications Committee Chair for the Libertarian Party of Florida. “This amendment reflects the growing recognition that individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices regarding cannabis use. By supporting Amendment 3, we affirm our commitment to personal liberty and the right to make decisions free from government interference.”

“As we celebrate ‘Freedom Month’ in Florida, this announcement by the Libertarian Party of Florida is not only an endorsement of legalizing adult use marijuana but also a testament to their steadfast commitment to bolstering individual liberty,” said Morgan Hill, spokesperson for Smart & Safe Florida. “We are proud to have support from all sides, transcending partisan politics – all affirming that our campaign to create a safer Florida is universally the best path forward for all Floridians.”

Matthew Johnson, Vice Chair & Communications Committee Chair for the Libertarian Party of Florida, is available for interview upon request. Please contact Morgan Hill,, for all requests and additional information.

For more information about Smart & Safe Florida and the campaign to legalize adult use marijuana in Florida, please visit

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