Voters can enjoy greater freedoms in Florida by voting yes on Amendment 3

(Orlando, FL) – As the state of Florida celebrates “Freedom Month,” Smart & Safe Florida is reminding Floridians that a pathway to greater freedom is on the ballot this November, possible by passing Amendment 3. More than half of American adults already enjoy the right to choose to consume recreational marijuana, and in November, Floridians have the opportunity to expand their individual freedoms by voting yes on Amendment 3. 

“Throughout the month of July, our campaign will remind voters that freedom means individual rights and an end to arrests and incarceration for simple marijuana possession charges,” said Morgan Hill, Smart & Safe Florida spokesperson. “We know that thousands of people are arrested every year in Florida for marijuana. When Americans across the country have the right to choose to consume marijuana, it’s a disgrace that Floridians’ individual freedoms are still restricted.”

To kick off Freedom Month activities, Smart & Safe Florida launched a $1.1 million radio ad campaign featuring legendary Florida attorney and self-described “Pot Daddy,” John Morgan, reminding voters that Amendment 3 would put an end to criminal charges for individuals possessing up to 3 ounces of marijuana in Florida.

“Independence” can be heard HERE.

“Criminal Justice” can be heard HERE.

A yes vote on Amendment 3 will improve the health and safety of Floridians and grant adults the individual freedom to choose to consume recreational marijuana, ending criminal charges for simple marijuana possession. For more Freedom Month announcements, follow YesOn3Florida on XInstagram, and Facebook.

For more information about Smart & Safe Florida and the campaign to legalize adult-use marijuana in Florida, please visit

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