The Bellamy Brothers release video announcing their leadership of cannabis legalization initiative with partners across the Sunshine State

“We are excited to announce that we – together with our partners – are launching a new initiative in our home state of Florida to finally implement safe and common-sense cannabis regulation,” Howard and David Bellamy said. “More than 140 million Americans already have the freedom to partake in responsible cannabis use and it is past time for Florida to provide its law-abiding adults the same privilege. About three-fourths of Florida voters support legalizing marijuana. It is clear that Floridians are more than ready to pass the laws necessary to establish a safe, legal cannabis industry for adults over 21 that establishes straightforward penalties for illegal sale or distribution, or violation of the regulations enacted. We are eager to spearhead this effort and hope you will join us to help our campaign and let freedom ring across the great state of Florida.”

Safe & Smart Florida was recently launched to advocate for a safe and legal cannabis industry in Florida. To learn more about the signature-gathering campaign, support the effort, and sign up for regular updates, please visit


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