Voters have opportunity to build a safer Florida by voting yes on Amendment 3 

(Orlando, FL) – Today, Smart & Safe Florida announced “Fact,” a new ad to air statewide across broadcast, cable, streaming, radio and digital platforms. This ad features a Florida mom and voter who believes adult Floridians deserve the individual freedom to consume safe, tested adult-use marijuana.

“Fact” can be viewed HERE.

A yes vote on Amendment 3 will improve the health and safety of Floridians. Access to regulated adult-use marijuana would help prevent illicit cartel-trafficked marijuana from making its way into Florida. Without regulation, these products can be laced with dangerous materials including heavy metals, pesticides, glass, heroin, fentanyl and other illegal substances.

Smart & Safe Florida supports safe adult access to marijuana products while empowering the state legislature to enact comprehensive implementation regulations, spanning from cultivation to consumption, including preventing people from smoking in public.

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